It always starts with ourselves


Why a Tree?

When I was looking for a suitable idea for the signet of my work, the tree spontaneously came to mind. Like no other symbol, it stands for a good and successful life. After all, we humans want to grow like a healthy tree with firm roots and strive to develop as individual personalities.

But we know too well that trees don’t grow into the sky. It’s no different with us humans. Like the trees, we are becoming increasingly vulnerable and experience damage to body and soul from a variety of influences and adversities. We should pay more attention to this and do something in time to feel more comfortable. The same applies to the tree. We are responsible for it.

How to find me:

Wolfgang Deininger

Leerbachstraße 55

60322 Frankfurt am Main

Within walking distance of the city center and the underground station „Grüneburgweg“ or „Alte Oper.