My services at a glance


In addition to many opportunities to lead a happy and fulfilling life, we often face challenges that cannot always be solved on our own. This can have various causes: disagreements in the partnership, events with traumatic consequences, stressful situations in private and professional life.

In crisis situations, many people not only lose orientation in their social environment, but also quickly appear exhausted and despondent. We usually feel this too late and look for the solution in small or larger escapes into a wrong way of life. It is more advisable to have an open and professionally conducted discussion with a person you trust as early as possible that is exactly what I am available for. A few examples should show where we can successfully make a difference – maybe later as a strengthening aftercare:

    • Make susceptibility to stress, excessive demands and burnout transparent and build and expand resilience

    • Provide socio-cultural support to foreign newcomers in the region and expats

    • Find out your strengths and improve your self-esteem

    • Develop sensitivity for more mindfulness

    • Define crises of meaning in the partnership and focus on potential for change

    • Create work-life balance and set new priorities

During the first personal meeting, I will suggest how we can gradually get to work together. I do not offer any standard services, because every question, every concern or a certain state of mind has its own starting point and requires an individually designed approach.

If you would like to find out here what the fee costs are, please assume that I generally charge an hourly fee of 90 euros plus 19% VAT. calculate. People with low incomes (e.g. low earners, unemployed, pensioners, students) can arrange special conditions for coaching with me – just talk to me.

In a written agreement, we jointly determine the recommended hourly effort. Only after all sessions have been completed you will receive an invoice from me.




Anxiety disorders

  • Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Fear exists without any real reason and persists all the time

  • Phobias

Anxiety related to objects or situations

  • Panic attacks

Recurrent, spontaneous, and unpredictable severe anxiety attacks that are not limited to a specific situation or object

Depressive episodes

Depression, loss of interest and drive, joylessness, easy fatigue even with small efforts, negative or pessimistic future prospects

Sleep disorders

Sleep disorders that are psychological and have no physical cause


Obsessive compulsive disorder

  • Obsessive thoughts or rumination


  • compulsions



  • Substance addiction

(e.g. alcohol, medication or drugs)

  • Non-substance addiction

(e.g. gambling, sex, stealing, hair pulling)







As a naturopath for psychotherapy, I set the fee according to the scale of fees for naturopath practitioners (GebueH).

For the psychotherapeutic treatment I charge for the:

First consultation (60min) EUR 69.00 (1.5 times the rate)

Each treatment session (60min) EUR 89.50 (1.95 times the rate).

According to UStG § 4 Abs.14 the invoice amount does not include sales tax. Other costs are not incurred.

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not cover these costs. However, there are ways to have the medical psychotherapeutic services reimbursed through your private health insurance or private supplementary insurance. Whether you can have the costs reimbursed by your private health insurance company depends on your personal insurance tariff or insurance contract. In this case, please ask your health insurance company whether psychotherapy treated by a naturopath or psychotherapy is included in your insurance contract in accordance with the Naturopathic Practitioners Act and what proportion of the costs your insurance company will cover.

You can deduct the non-refundable costs in your annual tax return as „extraordinary expenses“ in accordance with § 33 EStG.

The psychotherapeutic treatment always includes a treatment contract with all the necessary details, which is concluded at the beginning.

If you are unable to keep an appointment, I ask you to cancel it 24 hours before the agreed appointment. Unfortunately, we have to charge for missed appointments or cancellations within 24 hours before the agreed appointment.


Social Fee

People with low income (e.g. low earners, unemployed, pensioners, students) can agree on special conditions for psychotherapy – just talk to me. In these cases I need proof, e.g. B. a social passport, proof of study, pension notice or similar.