My mission statement


We live in a materialistic world in which efficient and productive work not only challenges us in everyday work life, but also affects our private lives. „Be agile“ is a contemporary call to make your own life even more flexible, active and agile. The point is quickly reached where we reach the limits of our strength and ask:

Who am I and where is my path leading me?

Usually small discrepancies, whether in the partnership or in the professional environment, bring initial unrest. The situation becomes really challenging when a drastic event hints at bigger problems. Depression, anxiety or neuroses are then a variety of consequences. In order to distract oneself or to motivate oneself artificially, people like to resort to stimulating or calming means. This is going in the wrong direction.

If you need advice and help – I am here for you!

In doing so, I am guided by one fundamental requirement: You yourself hold the key to successful change. Let’s open the door to your own strengths together! At the beginning I question causes, occasions and reasons why you come to me. I want to get an individual picture of what needs to be done and how to proceed. What makes my performance special is the application of psycho-social expertise in connection with practical experience from my private and professional life to date. Let’s start with an initial conversation to say later:

Yes, it was worth it!