Wolfgang Deininger

Persal Data

  • Born 1976 – two children
  •  Languages: German, English, Spanish
  •  15 years of international experience

Vocational training

  • Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical engineering – TU Darmstadt  
  • 18 years of industrial activity – various positions including managment activites at a world market leader in the automotive industry
  • Self-employment in the industrial sector
  • Naturopath for psychotherapy and psychological counselor


What makes me a good coach?

My many years of distinctive self-experience in the industrial sector and in private life have meant that I have worked intensively on myself in order to create a happy and contented life. This also includes drastic events that have moved me to fundamentally realign my life with the right decisions.
I really enjoy
working with people and I want to help anyone who is looking for a change in their life to achieve their goal.
Nothing is impossible.
Only our mind often makes it difficult for us. I would like to show you ways that will allow you to live your life happily and contentedly.



Leisure interests 

  • running, squash
  • cultural activites